Diet and exercise are two effective healthy way to lose weight. But we need to stress here is that the human body has its own mechanism which controls which part of your body that will be fattened or minimized in advance.

Well, our job is to facilitate and support the body to carry out the process performance is maximized through diet and exercise. So you can not specify what part of the body will shrink. For example, want to shrink the stomach or thighs first and vice versa. This sort of thing will not be done.

Logically, if you want to shrink the chubby cheeks, if you will coach the cheek muscles a day to be smaller? Or for example, when you are asked to fatten the body but requested only part of the cheek fat, naturally this sort of thing is not likely to happen.

There also are trying hundreds of sit-ups in the hope of shrinking the stomach. But after months of sit up, his stomach was still swollen. This phenomenon is known as spot reduction, which is to reduce the fat in certain parts of the body as desired.

The most common misunderstandings happened until now is that by doing sit ups, crunches or other abdominal exercises for the muscles can get rid of fat in the abdominal area and makes a distended stomach to be flat. In fact, not that way you reduce your body fat. The body has its own mechanism to determine what part of the fat will be reduced, not you!

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