It is not easy to realize a new year's resolution, at least it takes a strong motivation. But too lazy also not recommended because it can make stress. Instead of success, when it is stress will usually stop in the middle of the road.

Why is it too serious to have a healthy resolution set early in the year it can trigger stress and eventually become unhealthy? A psychologist from RS Pluit Jakarta, Rosdiana Setyaningrum explains the relationship between new year's resolutions and and stress.

"That's because we often forget to respect ourselves, reward ourselves," said clinical psychologist who is familiarly called Diana when Health contacted, as written Wednesday (2/1/2013).

Gifts that need to be given for the hard work that has been done do not have to be a valuable item. Giving a break of a day or two a day has included a form of self-esteem, which can ease stress and increase the chances of success in realizing a healthy resolution.

"If I know the signs, if I hold the item can fall, the road can stumble, it's one sign that I'm stressed.That means I have to cool down first, such as my day off first or maybe home not overnight," he continued.

Working hard to achieve a resolution does require energy. For example, if the career is concerned should often participate in training, whereas when it comes to health such as losing weight then diet and exercise is certainly not always light.

"So we work on and finally exhausted our energy." After the outcome of our results, the question that arises is 'is it worth it?' So, "Diana added.

Doubt will arise when people begin to weigh up the hard work done with the results that have not been very satisfactory. Though it could be because it has not time to succeed, or it could be due to less take into account the ability and too hard work.

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