Bored fat and want to lose weight, not a few people then change their diet by making vegetables and fruit as a main side dish. Is there any effect on health?

According to nutritionist Rita Ramayulis, DCN, M. Kes, this method is not recommended because it means the person does not get enough other important intake such as complex carbohydrates and protein.

"According to the rules of nutrition, to be able to live healthy one must consume a variety of foods, because none of the food has a complete nutritional content," said Rita to Health.

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Variety of food is meant Rita which consists of three groups of food sources of carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits, and animal protein or vegetable protein.

Well, when a person only consume fruits and vegetables alone, meaning he just consumed one group of food alone. This certainly makes him at risk of lack of nutrients, precisely the lack of complex carbohydrates and proteins. But are not vegetables and fruits including foods that are also healthy and contain carbohydrates?

"In vegetables and fruits contain carbohydrates, but the type is simple carbohydrates, while the protein content is relatively low," added the lecturer at the Health Polytechnic II.