Former President of the United States, Barack Obama is not only known to love to exercise. He also has other customs that should be imitated, ie eating healthy foods.

Quoted from various sources, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama eat healthy foods such as vegetables obtained from the White House gardens.

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In addition, Obama also kept a giant bowl of apples on the coffee table in the Oval Office room for afternoon snacks. The snack is needed by Obama to be more energetic and focused through his days as the number one person in the United States.

Not just preparing apples, when having a passion for snacking, the man who had spent his childhood in Indonesia also included nuts as a snack menu.

Other dietary menus consumed by Obama are broccoli and salmon. Both meals are usually served at dinner. Men 6 feet tall or equivalent to 185 centimeters is also called to have a very good physical health records overall.