The desire to lose weight quickly often makes a person choose the wrong shortcut. In effect, the body weight was so often fluctuates greatly, which is also called the effect “yo-yo dieting ‘.

It is known that yo-yo dieting may make further weight loss becomes more difficult. But beyond that, there is also the bad effects of yo-yo dieting to other body parts, the bones, hair and skin.

According to skin health experts Dr Nick Lowe, the frequency of yo-yo dieting can affect the elasticity of the skin. These conditions, especially in women, can make it susceptible to sagging skin problems.

“Diet carelessly also affect skin health, skin usually becomes shortage of collagen production,” said Lowe.

Meanwhile, the yo-yo dieting also have negative effects on bone. One is to influence bone density. A US study recently found that women whose weight often fluctuates rapidly tend to have problems with bone resorption.

For hair, hair health experts Anabel Kingsley said that the yo-yo dieting is a common cause of hair damage and hair loss.

“Make no mistake, alias diet a person’s diet greatly affect the health of hair. Well, yo-yo dieting can make the hair become stressed. Lack of calorie intake to make hair follicles to be disturbed,” Kingsley said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

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