There are times when a person feels lonely at some point in their lives. Although it should be avoided, but this incident is still considered normal. Which is not normal is when loneliness occurs in the long term.

Of course the effect will not be good for health. Examples of major diseases such as high blood pressure, decreased immune system to sleep disturbance, likely higher for experienced people who are constantly overwhelmed by feelings of loneliness.

Feelings of loneliness does not just happen when you're alone, but also can occur when you are in the crowd. In this case, not the atmosphere around the deserted, but your heart feels empty, hollow, and isolated.

Do not think that the feeling of loneliness because you do not have a partner or married. Married people may still experience this feeling. In fact, more than 60 percent of people who feel lonely was already married.

In order not already infected with serious diseases, it is time for you shake the feeling of loneliness that often struck. How measures to dispel the negative? Let's consider the following explanation.

Search for cause

You will more easily find a way out of loneliness this if you already know the cause. For example, if you feel lonely because no or less have a lot of friends, you can go look for new friends. However, when you still feel lonely at the time already had a lot of friends, there is a possibility arises because the sense of friendship that are less qualified. If you're still stumped, try thinking, when you start to feel lonely, when the atmosphere is like what you feel lonely, and you ask yourself about what you want to do when loneliness strikes.

Raise it through writing or with zox pro training at

Expressing feelings through writing can help relieve stress. Make writing that tells about your loneliness, feelings that arise when overwhelmed by loneliness, and all the things you're thinking. Find a place that is safe and convenient to write and start to get used to write regularly, even if only briefly.