If you wish to have a sixpack stomach and shrink belly fat, swimming is the answer. Swimming is an excellent means to burn fat while strengthening your muscles, Bro. You can customize it with your activities. Moreover, why the hell should choose swimming?

Do not spend a lot of energy

When others focus with strenuous exercise and sweating, you just swim to shrink the stomach distended and make sixpack. With swimming, you can burn 200-300 calories without sweating and struggling. The number of calories you burn naturally depend on exercise intensity and the type of style you do.

Minimal risk of injury

when in the water, your body feels lighter because the weight distribution which is supported by the body is reduced to 50%. Muscles and joints also receives less pressure than when doing the activity on land. The impact, if done with the right techniques, you face the risk of injury is much less than other sports do outside the water.

Improving heart health

The efficiency of the heart to pump blood throughout the body can be increased by swimming regularly. Research from Columbia University Medical Center found that can swim against the risk of coronary heart disease.

The benefits of exercise pools certainly can not be tasted only by 1-2 times the exercise. Start organizing your training schedule and understand the techniques in this water sport. However, be careful to eat more after a swim, because usually this sport may trigger you to eat more! The solution, try drinking milk protein after swimming if hungry.

If you consistently live it, not impossible, a flat stomach you can immediately accomplish, Bro!

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