you know, this exercise pattern is the pattern of exercise is often performed in military education? What's the make circuit training so special?

All in one go

Circuit training actually refers to the way of doing the sport and not a specific type of sport. A typical pattern in circuit training is a series of movements (stations) conducted sequentially with minimal rest breaks in
1. Because the pattern is different from conventional weight training, circuit training offer extra benefits that stamina (endurance); studies show, do circuit training routine can increase stamina up to five percentage points higher than
2 weight training. Not only that, this kind of sport is also able to reduce body fat and 2.9 percent if done

2. Therefore, personal trainer circuit training is often advised for clients who want to have more body dry.

What's in a good circuit training

Basically, the movement carried out during circuit training is a movement that is also done when weight training. The only difference is the break between "set." However, to benefit more from your circuit training sessions, we summarize some of the steps you can follow:

    Select the range of motion / stations that trains your upper and lower body in one circuit.
    Perform any stations for 30 to 90 seconds, according to ability, and the rest 15 to 20 seconds after doing all the movements.
    Want to increase muscle strength? Add load (for movements using weights) and get more rest time between stations.
    Want to add durability? Reduce the load and extend the time for each stations.
    The old rule still applies: rest your muscles for two times 24 hours before the next circuit training.

Can not wait to get started? Here's your challenge:

Station 1: Push ups

Station 2: Mountain climber

Station 3: Shuttle run

Station 4: Crunch

Station 5: burpees

So, are you ready to hit the circuits?

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