Medical experts strongly advocated major changes in your diet because the body will be shocked and trigger a variety of health complaints.

Changes in diet will drastically affect the metabolic system and a person's energy level.

Diet is good, but before doing so you should consult a nutritionist for the program planned diet does not harm the body.

If you're desperate to do a diet suddenly, this will happen to the body.

1. Less energy
Overall, your calories will be reduced drastically. Energy in the body will suddenly drained so that you will feel sluggish.

2. Easy tired
Very natural if you often feel tired all the time. Therefore, your body lacks the nutrients that should you get when not dieting.

3. Hunger
Diet suddenly you're going to make the body lacks many essential nutrients. Belly will always feel hungry.

4. Dizziness
Never ignore the symptoms of sudden dizziness due to changes in eating patterns. Dizziness be a sign that you should stop dieting. Moreover, if the headache attack constantly, immediately went to the doctor.

5. Intestinal problems
Your fiber consumption will be reduced overall. Easy bowel affected and tense, and the digestive system would be problematic. You will often experience abdominal pain or constipation when dieting.

6. Cravings
Sudden diet also tends to make you craving certain foods.

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