To have an ideal body shape, you certainly have to undertake with diet and exercise can burn calories. But if you include busy people who do not have the time or facilities for sports, there are actually some light activities that you can do to replace your exercise hour. Slight movements below is not only easy but also does not require a special place to do it. Any slight movements that can help you burn calories? This is the answer.



Jumping is not a difficult thing to do. Even jumping also does not require large space. To burn your calories each day, you can jump over 5 minutes to burn about 68 calories.


You do not have to run around the stadium to burn a lot of calories, enough to run in the park or in the yard of your house only for 10 minutes without a break then you can reduce the calories to 62 calories.

    Doing homework

In addition to making your house into a cleaner, cleaning the house such as mopping, sweeping and cleaning of household appliances was also useful for burning calories in your body. By cleaning the entire house, you suydah can burn about 34 calories.


In addition to burning calories, some people expressed dancing is an activity that is fun to do. Especially with your own dancing can burn calories in your body as much as 45 calories.


Activity this one of course being one of the favorite activities of many women. Because in addition to burn as much as 22 calories, shoppers can also satisfy the desire to buy goods for women.

    Climbing up the stairs

Do not hesitate to pick up the stairs rather than via a lift. The reason, several sources agree that the stairs for 5 minutes you will burn calories to 58 calories.


Jago food processing into a dish that tastes not only make families happy, but actually within 5 minutes of cooking course you've burned 26 calories.

    push Up

If you push up for 5 minutes, then you will burn about 45 calories.

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