When feeling tired and sleepy while undergoing daily activity, the first thing you usually do is make a cup of coffee in order to increase energy. Caffeine is good for the brain, but a sip of excessive caffeine will damage your health.

Instead, try healthier alternatives to make you more energetic in addition to caffeine.

1. lemon water
Lemon water could prove to hydration throughout the body, improve immunity to digestion. Overall the lemon water is useful in detoxifying the body system rather than a cup of coffee.

2. Music
Energy booster not only come from food and beverages. There are many other ways, one of which is listening to music. Experts say, the strains of the song that will deliver energy excited also to you.

3. Almonds
Yes, nuts, especially almonds have benefits as an energy booster. The content of vitamin B, copper and manganese in it good for brain health. From now on, avoid coffee and switch to eating this healthy snack.

4. Bananas
Tired body will be refreshed when you eat a banana instead of a cup of caffeine.

5. Eggs
Eating protein-rich foods such as eggs can also be an alternative to increase the energy in the body.

6. Water
Drinking caffeine can actually make you dehydrated. Body deficient water intake can have an impact on health. Should begin now drink water in order to reduce dependence on caffeine.

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