Now, you already know that you need exercise not only burns calories but also can shape or muscle tone. Here are some types of exercise to diet you need to know.

    Running Studies show that women who exercise run at least 3 hours a week can lose weight up to 8 kg in a year. These sports include easy and can be done anywhere. You do not need to come to bother to take the time to go to the gym. Not just exercise to diet, a run can also give a good effect on heart health.
    Strength training exercises such as lifting weights or strength of movements that utilize the load or its own weight can not only burn calories, but it also can help you build muscle mass. This muscle mass which will help you burn more calories. You can focus on the parts of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, front and back, shoulders, back, buttocks, biceps, and triceps.
    Pilates Pilates does not belong to the aerobic exercise. However, pilates could be the right choice for you who are looking for a sports diet that is focused on the middle part of your body, such as the pelvis, abdomen, thigh (upper leg), and lower back. Pilates movement may look soft, but actually take advantage of the muscle. This movement which in turn can build muscle, and increase joint mobility and flexibility of your body.
    Besides yoga can relieve stress, yoga can also help you lose weight. Even if calories are burned while doing yoga is not as much as you do the type of aerobic exercise, yoga can still help you build muscle to the movement that looks soft but still involves the muscles of the body. In addition, by regularly doing yoga is also believed to affect your lifestyle changes, including in terms of food choices. If you want to increase calories burned, you can combine yoga with other sports such as running, cycling, or even swimming

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