The immediate effects of weight gain may be seen in one's confidence. But apparently this condition also has an effect on the blood pressure of someone you know.

Studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic say that weight gain, up to 2 kg, can put a person at increased risk of blood pressure as well.

"Our results suggest that elevated blood pressure is typically associated with increased visceral fat, which is the fat in the stomach," said lead author of the study, Dr. Naima Covassin.

At the start of a study conducted within eight weeks, the researchers monitored 24 hours of blood pressure from 16 people with normal weight.

Then they are fed an extra 400 to 1,200 calories each day with options such as ice cream, chocolate, or other beverages to raise their weight by about five percent. After that, their blood pressure is checked for a 24-hour period.

The results of this blood pressure measurement were then compared with 10 other respondents, whose weight was actually maintained over the eight-week period.

The researchers found that those who gained weight had systolic blood pressure (top number) increased from an average of 114 mmHg to an average of 118 mmHg. Those with greater abdominal circumference also had elevated blood pressure.

Dr. Covassin said more research needs to be done to see if the results are the same in different age groups, or in those with a family history of high blood pressure and other groups. These results are also considered important so that people are more concerned with the circumference of the stomach.

Experts do not deny the importance of weight measurement. Only, the figure can not be used as a benchmark to call someone in good health. Weight is just one part of the body's health meter.

"Yes, weight is just one risk factor, blood pressure, cholesterol, levels of physical activity and smoking are not less important," said Prof Mark Harris of Center for Obesity Management and Prevention at the University of New South Wales, as quoted by ABC Australia, Monday

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