Excess body weight has led to the lack of confidence. However, some people feel the weight is just a number on the scales so that the undisputed amount.

Fat or slim indeed be the result of our own lifestyle.

Diet, whether diligent exercise, and other habits associated with the body does affect the target weight loss. It was also important in creating mindset happy.

In other words, not numbers on the scale that creates a feeling satisfied and happy, but how our daily habits. Consider the facts about weight loss and happiness.

1. Successfully lose weight indirectly make happy
People who reduce 5 percent of body weight in the last four years, was actually found it easier sad than those who maintain their weight.

2. People who undergo low carbohydrate diet for one year feel the negative effects on their mood than those who did low-fat diet.

3. Hunger affect the levels of serotonin, which also regulates how someone controlling her anger. So that we are always quiet, you should not let a hungry stomach too long.

4. Although weight gain will affect your health, but women who increased his weight just feel happier. However, in people with depression weight loss positive effect on mental health.

5. Children who ate fast food and soft drinks were more rarely feel sad, but they potentially obesity.

6. Train the body to control blood sugar levels, how to eat with moderation so that your blood sugar stable.

7. Blood sugar levels are too low it can make a person aggressive.

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