During this weight loss efforts often fail because of a sad mood. Why? Because many people improve their mood by eating. According to recent study results, drawing foods that we like can also help improve mood and certainly prevent obesity.

The study, conducted at St Bonaventure University, New York, USA, shows that there is no need to eat pizza, pies and cakes to improve mood. For drawing food in addition to improving the mood, this activity can also be done to help keep the weight remains stable, as reported by Daily Mail, Wednesday (07/10/2013).

A total of 61 students became respondents in this study, with two-thirds female. Randomly all divided into 4 groups and given a red, green, and black pencil. Then, respondents were asked to draw food placed in front of them.

The first group was asked to draw a high-fat and high-sugar cupcake; The second group was asked to draw a pizza; A third group was asked to draw strawberries; And a fourth group was asked to draw a paprika.

When doing the drawing process, all students in the condition have not eaten. In addition to the starving levels, before and after 5 minutes of drawing they also measured the mood and level of happiness. This method is used by psychologists to assess mood changes.

As a result, none of the groups felt hungrier after drawing. But the results in mood changes give a significant result.

Drawing pizzas increases their mood to 28 percent more joy; Drawing cupcake increased 27 percent; While drawing strawberries increased 22 percent; And drawing 1 percent peppers.

Based on these results, the researchers noted that since all respondents were given a pencil of the same color, the change in mood was most likely due to the different types of food being drawn.

The results of this study have been published in the Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science. Here it is said that it has been proven to see the image of food alone has a positive impact on one's mood. Expected with the results of this latest study of weight loss programs or a healthy diet can be more easily executed.

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