In addition to a strong intention, weight loss programs can be managed by taking into account three components namely the setting of diet, rest, and exercise. If one component is not done, the weight loss program is rather difficult to achieve success.

"Indeed, night sleep quality is not the only thing that determines your success to lose weight. But, do not also ignore the importance of obtaining a good night's sleep and quality," said the instructor of clinical medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, Alexandra Sowa, MD.

Sowa likens, weight loss programs such as three-legged stool. In that sense, there are three important components of weight loss success, ie regulating diet, rest, and exercise. Without one 'leg' that, then weight loss efforts will be in vain.

Well, quoted from the Prevention, here are the steps that can be done to better quality sleep and can help make the program successful weight loss.

1. Sleeping with the same duration and time
At least meet the needs of night sleep 6.5 to 8.5 hours a day. In a study at Brigham Young University found women who had a quality night's sleep 6.5 to 8.5 hours a day had a risk of accumulation of fat in the abdomen is more ketch. The study also sleep at the same time on a regular basis can reduce the accumulation of fat in the body.

2. Keep the cold room temperature
Diabetes related study showed that sleeping with a pretty cool room temperature, around 19-20 degrees Celsius could increase the amount of brown fat burning, helps improve metaboilisme, and improve insulin sensitivity. However, these temperature settings apply when you are in a fit condition yes!

3. Turn off lights and gadgets
2014 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that women who sleep in a darkened room 21 percent less likely to be obese. Then, do not forget to turn off your gadgets, or at least keep the gadget of the bed.

Research at the University of Granada, Spain showed that levels of melatonin (a hormone that makes people sleepy) that could decrease weight gain. Now, reduced levels of melatonin one due to exposure to blue light of the gadget.

"And do not forget the other factors. Eating healthily and add esktra movement when exercising also be an important key in losing weight," said Sowa warned.

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