Eating has been reduced and exercise more but it is also difficult to lose weight. What causes obesity is so hard to fight? Could there be an obesity virus?

Not a few obese people who have applied the formula of incoming calories with calories out, regular exercise, a balanced diet that people usually do to maintain ideal body weight. But the result is not there.

Health experts suspect there are additional factors that make weight gain. The effects of lack of sleep to be a trigger risk of obesity and obesity.

The rapid increase in the number of people with obesity over the last three decades is thought to be related to the lack of sleep hours that are reduced by 2 hours from the recommended (7-8 hours a day).

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"Sleep deprivation will trigger the hormone ghrelin, the appetite stimulating hormone and reduce the hormone leptin, the hormone triggers satiety.In essence, a short sleep will increase hunger and appetite to eat food," said Dr. James Gangwisch of Columbia University as quoted from Independent, Wednesday (6/1/2010).

Carole Caplin, director of LifeSmart's Health and Wellbeing Center in London, says people who sleep less tend to accumulate fat. Dinner and drinking alcohol is often done people stay up to remove thoughts because stress causes obesity.

In addition to lack of sleep, there are some other things that can be a factor of obesity.

1. Drug side effects
Drugs such as steroids, anti-depressants, anti psychotics and anti epileptic can stimulate appetite. In addition, high blood pressure medications, heart disease and contraceptive pills can cause weight gain. The only way to avoid these side effects is to tell the doctor the truth. If possible the doctor will give other drugs that do not cause fat side effects.

2. Old effects
As we get older, most men and women will gain weight. No wonder because usually the older the person is getting rarely also exercise. This will affect the body's metabolism and hormones especially in women.

3. Virus effect
It feels a bit strange maybe if it says there is a virus that causes obesity. But Dr Dhurandher of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan cites facts related to it. He thinks obesity is like a virus that quickly spread like a forest fire.

An epidemic of chickens deaths in 1980 in Bombay showed that infected chickens adenovirus (a virus that causes common colds in humans) more befall the chubby chickens than the skinny chickens. Another study also showed that one in five obese people showed adenovirus infection.

4. The effect is less mobile
Our bodies actually want to move but the environment that limits and suppresses those desires. According to Professor Levine, author of the book 'Move A Little, Lose A Lot', the average person only walks 5,000 to 6,000 steps per day, when it should be around 10,000 steps.

5. Effect of quitting smoking
Heavy smokers burn about 200 calories each day. Cigarettes is also an appetite suppressant because it can inhibit the production of insulin hormones in the pancreas. But surprisingly, quitting smoking is the cause of weight gain.

The average former smoker will gain weight after several months of quitting. This is because the food used as a substitute for cigarettes to create a sense of comfort. However, what should be remembered is weight can be overcome but the lungs that have been damaged will be difficult to repair.

6. The effects of genes in the body
There are at least 50 genes that are associated with obesity in humans, most notably the FTO gene. The gene will be lowered and will cause stimulation of appetite in the brain. But according to Dr. Sarah Leibowitz of Rockefeller University, genetic factors can actually be manipulated and defeated by environmental factors.

7. Effect of room temperature
Researchers from the American National Center for Healthy Housing have proven to mice that a warm environment will trigger obesity. When the body is overheated and sweating, the most widely excreted body is the non-caloric fluid. But when in a cold environment, the body will move more to get heat and body warmth.

The point is to prevent obesity and get the ideal body many things to watch out for. Intention to be healthy and have the ideal body will be in vain if only rely on one kind of business. To be healthy, one must be willing to cultivate all things, from sports, eating right to sleep enough. Total concept is a simple secret to get the ideal body and healthy life.