Until now, the sport is still synonymous with running, aerobics, yoga, or fitness. But it looks like it does not make you interested, right? It could be because the sport label attached to these activities.

When in fact, you still need exercise. So the best solution is, you're doing something fun and burn more calories. And, seven fun activities are equally beneficial to the sport following should be selected.

1. Cycling

Cycling around the home or office environment can be a pleasant first alternative. Try a low speed of about 17 kilometers per hour. After 15 minutes of pedaling, you will start to sweat. The faster the pedaling, the greater the calories burned in your body.

Not only fun, cycling is also simultaneously burn calories in the body

2. Stretch while watching TV

There is no harm in watching television while stretching muscles tensed. You could stretch the leg muscles, thighs, shoulders, and neck. Or it could be simply massage both hands alternately. If you want more serious, play video stretching and practice on the spot. Choose movements are mild and do not require tools.

3. Shopping

You know, it turns out to shop for an hour can burn about 180 calories. If you're shopping at the supermarket and raised his own groceries weight, calories burned can reach 260 calories. But remember, you must not do 'sports' fun while eating.

4. Swim

In tropical countries like Indonesia, swimming is an activity that is refreshing and makes the body more healthy. Swimming is one sport that can burn more calories than running.

Swim breaststroke will burn 585 calories per hour, backstroke eliminate 540 calories per hour, and the butterfly can burn up to 784 calories per hour. So wait no more, make a regular schedule of swimming with your friends.

5. Watch the music festival

Not only the satisfaction of seeing your favorite musicians in action that you can be while watching a music festival, the calories in your body pretty much was wasted. No half-hearted, more than 3,000 calories will be burned. The numbers are very high, given that the average adults spend only about 1,600 to 2,400 calories per day.

Events that trigger calories in a music festival is not just when you're singing and jumping along with thousands of other spectators, but also when walking to and fro, and struggled through the mud from one stage to another stage. The greater the festival of his music, the more calories burned.

6. Cooking

While spending 40 minutes in the kitchen, you can burn 128 calories before the food is presented. It includes activity chopping, slicing, sauteing, and clean up the kitchen after cooking. To be more optimal, make sure that you are cooking menu low in calories, so the calories are wasted not replaced with calories from these foods.

7. Dress home

Do not underestimate homework, especially lazy to do it. Because there are many activities that can burn calories while you're doing the activity. Sweeping and mopping the floor burn 240 calories per hour, cutting the grass with a manual cutter, can maximize calorie burn up to 325 calories per hour. While the activity of gardening can burn 250 calories per hour. Enjoy a bonus, fresh vegetables straight from the garden behind.

You do not have to cringe to hear the word exercise, because there are many activities you've always done which is equally beneficial to the body work. In addition to healthy, you do so without being forced. So of course, the result will be more optimal than a real sport.

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