Women will never stop to always look great, especially for those who love physical activity.  modern women turned out not enough just just beautiful, but must be healthy and look attractive. No wonder if now many   down load chain to achieve two benefits at once, namely healthy and body shape.

Many of the womens in the homeland today are rampant do sculpting body or build muscle. The basic principles of bodybuilding or muscle building methods today are widely adopted by most women. Trend that occurs, the formation of the body is no longer just slim or free of fat, but also covered with muscle leeches. Although there are still many women who only focus on muscle growth as well as burning the right positioned fat like, arm area, thighs, buttocks, and around the waist. Therefore, it is important for women to participate in body building training programs including aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

The principle of the process of muscle growth will stimulate the burning of fat, which in turn will encourage weight loss. Despite the fact that muscles are heavier than fat, but women who are undergoing muscle-building processes do not significantly affect their weight. Remember weight is not accurate if measured through changes in body shape is better. To measure actual results look in the mirror, is the dress used to be fitting or like a weighing scales?

To stimulate muscle growth, women should multiply perform some strength or endurance exercises. In order to get good results from their strength training, it is important to choose or use the perfect form of exercise with the right intensity. Both of them are an absolute necessity without bargaining. Also avoid over-training conditions, because the condition will never produce any training results.
"Over Training will not give you the results you want"

  In addition to over training, there are some mistakes that women often do when trying to
Stimulates muscle growth. One of the biggest is that they are not brave enough to challenge themselves.

Although some women really dare to challenge themselves every time they practice, even very hard to practice, but very few of them are really motivated to increase the number of reps or a few pounds more force. Thus the developing muscles are very minimal. The development of muscle growth in women should occur as long as they are completely maximal beyond the limit in doing so (progressive overload). Progressive Overload is when adding load outside the force is usually but gradually to further encourage gradual muscle growth. Progressive overlod does not have to be done every time, but at least very well done at least once a month in the process of stimulating muscle growth.

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