Work is boring because nothing is produced means your work productivity is declining. To improve try some of these tips should not be at work wherever you are.

# 1 Write. Whatever the idea or ideas that pop into your head, write !. This idea in one day would be an interesting plan to be able to actualize yourself. Do not wait for the idea came when you need it. Although the idea came to write the wrong time just to remember those ideas in a daily journal.

# 2 Rise and Shine. Wake up early and not when there is a impromptu morning meeting, but make it your habit. As we know many successful people never miss their morning lounging. Very good morning to prepare yourself before going to the office, completing a written plan with a fresh mind. Waking up early also improves concentration and analysis of a problem when it will take a decision.

# 3 Breakfast. Breakfast is not only the origin of the breakfast, but suffice with nourishing nutrients. This intake can be obtained from milk, oatmeal, chicken porridge, omelette, tuna sandwich so that the body is more powerful.

# 4 Focus. Discipline yourself will increase your focus on the job. Not having to chase something that moment, but want to. After it began to implement the plan. This plan actually train you in managing your time and focus.

# 5 Presentation of Self. Do not assume a regular appearance has no power of self presentation. Presentation yourself means you are able to socialize and make it extra strength to nurture your confidence. Ensure yourself always ready when the boss tells you to visual and verbal presentations. Avoid bad appearance to keep clothing, scent, and so on. Avoid too egotistical, arrogant, grumpy or even shy to highlight your company's image.

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