Recent studies have found an unexpected happiness actually makes life more colorful.

At least, there are five things that unexpected able to bring your mood be happier.

1. The film is tear-jerking

Reported Prevention, a film that makes your eyes water flow can actually make you feel much happier.
Research at Ohio State University, reports, films such as Titanic or Atonement is able to remind you of the wonderful memory that trigger happiness. The more sad movies watched, the happier you are after.

2. It is becoming increasingly elderly

The older, generally someone will think more positively.
Maybe that's why, 40 percent of those aged over 50 years is optimistic about the next phase of life. Meanwhile, 60 percent feel five years younger than their actual age.

3. The fake smile

Studies by the University of Kansas said, faking a smile can relieve stress and improve mood.

The researchers analyzed this by placing a chopstick in the mouth of the respondents to be grinning, a standard smile, and smile neutral. As a result, people who have a fake smile has a slower heart rate, which means that they do not feel stressed.

4. Thursday

The fourth day of the work seems to contribute to give happiness. London School of Economics researchers track the mood of 45 thousand people through a smartphone application called Mappines. As a result, the majority are happy on Thursday.

5. Read the paper

University of Maryland study found that 30 thousand people who spend free time reading newspapers feel much happier than those who spend time watching television.

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