For the best selection, ie whole wheat bread made from whole grain flour with a slightly rough texture. In some countries, whole wheat bread comes with seeds on it for a more attractive appearance, as well as supporting the nutritional content.

Whole grain has three layers are complete ie bran, edosperma, and seeds. White bread were most commonly found, removing the bran and germ, so the essential nutrients contained in them was lost. White bread made from white wheat flour, ie wheat that has just taken its endosperm and bleached.

Wheat bread made from whole grain is a source of carbohydrates suitable for breakfast, also contains more fiber than white bread in general. The bread of this type are known to have many nutritional benefits to the body, such as protein, B vitamins, antioxidants, iron, magnesium, and other minerals.

In addition, whole wheat bread is also very good for health because it is low in fat and cholesterol-free. Bread wheat is also equipped with a compound suspected fitokemikal can fight the development of cancer cells.

Such consumption can improve digestive health by keeping the regularity of bowel movements and stimulate the growth of bacteria in the gut, so that defecate more smoothly. In addition, regular wheat consumption may also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, some cancers, and heart disease.

However, beware of sodium intake is derived from the yeast during the process of making bread wheat. Each strand of whole wheat bread, contains about 200 mg sodium. Meanwhile, the recommended daily sodium intake is about 600 mg, with a limit of sodium intake at 1,800 mg per day figure.

Avoiding Mistakes Choosing Whole Wheat Bread

Do not let one choose whole wheat bread in order to obtain optimum benefits. Here are some tips to recognize whole-grain bread products:

    Do not be fooled by the look of brown bread with a label made from whole wheat alone. Elaborate further ingredients. If the first ingredient is written using the "wheat flour" or "enriched wheat flour white", then that means not using whole grains. There is also a bread made from white wheat flour is then added caramel coloring. Be careful and meticulous when choosing.
    Do not be lulled by the brand "seven types of wheat" or labeled "100% natural" or other healthy memorable. Many products which outwit wheat bread as if made from whole wheat, but is made only of ordinary wheat flour, water and rye flour.
    Observe if the product is whole grain breads written "low calorie" or "special diet". This product is likely to have a smaller size. Notice again in the label.

Still make sure whole wheat bread consumption is not excessive, to avoid excess sodium intake. Then, to compensate for the nutrients of wheat bread, it is recommended to served with an egg and vegetables, than butter or jam sweet a lot of calories and fat.

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