Acne scars are not shaped bulge is indeed very pleasing to the eye, but you can perform laser ablation for the removal process.

Acne scars this one is very disturbing appearance. How about baseball? The shape of the bulge whether it be large or small. Usually acne scars can be found in the area of ​​the face, neck, back and chest. Acne scars is referred to as a keloid.

Keloids itself is solid nodules contain excessive because the network is formed. In fact, keloid itself is also often formed because of excess collagen. To put it down, you can use microdermabrasion treatment methods as well as laser ablation at a beauty clinic.

Hyperpigmentation can be expelled easily, apply any ointment that contains hydroquinolone on the face.

Hyperpigmentation in the form of black spots that appear on the face. It is triggered because the pigment melanin levels accumulate. Curious how this could happen? This is because the inflamed acne causes melanocytes proliferate at the site of inflammation. Hyperpigmentation itself can survive in a considerable period of time, for months up to several years before actually missing.

However, the actual removal process can be accelerated black spots anyway. You can use the method of applying a laser or using certain drugs. Typically, a special ointment that contains hydroquinolone.

Beware of hypopigmentation, acne scars, pink is not easy to be eliminated.

Hypopigmentation usually occur in areas scarred acne scars and skin appear healthy. To recognize their characteristics, hypopigmentation is bright pink. Unlike the hyperpigmentation that produces too much melanin, the skin Hyperpigmentation occurs because not able to produce melanin. Therefore, normally would be seen in people who have the kind of skin tones tend to be dark. However, unfortunately there is no specific treatment to eliminate them.

So, already know how to treat acne scars with the right kind? Hopefully you're not mishandled again

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