If you've just been into weight training and bodybuilding, you may be puzzled by a variety of supplements on the market, from types, doses, producers, to accompanying claims.

For that, it's time to learn about supplementation from the bottom. That way, you can find out where to start from. Next, you can experiment with supplements to get the expected results.

But, keep in mind, supplements are not a substitute for food, but as a complement to nutrition. You still need a healthy and balanced diet to get the optimal muscle shape!
1. Whey Protein

Utilized as a major supplement for pre and post-exercise nutrition, whey protein contains proteins that are rapidly absorbed by hungry muscle cells after heavy training sessions. This supplement also generally contains BCAA which plays a vital role in the process of protein synthesis necessary to form new muscle tissue.
When and How Much?

The right moment to consume whey protein powder is post-exercise and other times where you are hard to consume whole foods, for example after work and before practice.

Whey protein is also suitable consumed by you who are accustomed to doing exercises in the morning and do not want his stomach full of heavy food before practice, because whey quickly digested.

For most gym practitioners, simply consume one serving of 20-30 grams post-exercise.
2. Creatine

This rising supplement is also found in fish and steaks. Creatine works by helping to replenish reserves of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in intense exercise.

This is done by hydration of muscle cells with fluid so that other processes can run well, including protein synthesis. That way, the recovery period in the moment and after practice becomes much faster.

The recommended amount of creatine to consume is about 3-5 grams of pre- and post-exercise for best results.
3. Fish Oil
Fish oil may not be overly ogled as a bodybuilding supplement, but this supplement has long-term and important benefits for a healthy body. Rich in Omega-3 EPA and DHA, fish oil primarily serves to reduce inflammation in the body.

Inflammation has been shown to trigger a variety of serious health problems, including heart disease. In terms of fitness, inflammation can prevent the body from utilizing macro and micro nutrients well and hindering exercise and recovery performance.

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Consumption of fish oil to taste for optimal results, 2-3 grams per day.
4. Multivitamin / Mineral

Another often overlooked but important supplement is a multivitamin / mineral. Getting enough of this micronutrient intake proves important for your body's health. Therefore, these nutrients are needed by a variety of processes and a thorough balance in the body.

For example, zinc (zinc) is used to improve muscle tissue and magnesium helps the body obtain adequate and quality rest.

Clearly, a multivitamin supplement is used as a complement to your nutritional needs. Your primary source of vitamins and minerals should still come from a complete and balanced diet.

Well, that's a few supplements that need to be known by your beginner. May be useful!