Not realistic:
It is one of the most common mistakes by a young bodybuilder. It's important to understand that an athlete actually have to set realistic goals based on the ability of their own body, because it varies from person to person. Bodybuilding is an activity, where someone needs to be patient and have the right motivation.
Generally, hard-working young bodybuilders for two to three weeks, but then they leave their training for a few days or weeks, due to a lack of motivation or other factors. This is the kind of action that would hinder and will certainly affect the outcome. So it is very important to exercise consistently for the sake of maximum results.
Lack of planning:
Many young bodybuilders wandering in the gym and exercise without a proper plan. It is not only going to affect the results, but at the same time can also increase the risk of injury. It's important for beginner bodybuilders to make a proper strategy before execution exercises.
Trailing Professional Bodybuilders
I'm not saying that following an idol is anything wrong, but it is also true that being a bodybuilder who is still new, the body still has the ability to follow the routine of a professional bodybuilder. Because each individual has a response body in different ways. Excessive exercise with high intensity exercise can cause muscle injury.
 Wrong methods:
Bodybuilders beginners / youth think that just by using the tools and the training load is enough to help to gain body mass quickly. This view is not correct, because the wrong training methods and without the proper knowledge can cause severe injury. Has recommended that building muscle for beginners body must follow the brief and regular exercise, with a focus on basic training, and conduct joint movement.
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