Same with exercise outdoors, exercise in the fitness center also requires a lot of energy, even bigger.

You should know that not all food is suitable to be consumed before exercise. At least, there are five foods that should not be consumed before a workout at the fitness center.

1. salad or green vegetables

Author Up The Heat: Unlock the Fat-Burning Power of Your Metabolism Philip Goglia, Ph.D said, some green vegetables are not suitable to be consumed before exercise. Therefore, these foods can cause discomfort in the stomach when the body moves.

"These vegetables cause bloating if you move too much," said Philip, as reported by Women's Health.

2. Energy drinks

Many people think energy drinks are best taken before physical exercise. However, energy drinks contain a lot of sugar that increase injury.

Conversely, consuming beverages such as sodium tomato juice can produce many benefits compared to drinking energy drinks.

3. Processed foods

Processed foods made from beans also entered into the categories that are not suitable to be consumed before a workout at the fitness center. Although it offers a lot of protein, these foods generally contain a lot of additional oil.

More recommended to consume low-fat cheese. These foods are often consumed by athletes before training.

4. Whole-grain breads and muffins

Whole wheat bread contains more fiber so good for health. However, this bread also has a high carbohydrate content.

"Carbohydrates in bread is generally composed of yeast, fungi, and gluten-dependent inflammation. That is, the food is waterproof and cause bloating," said Philip.

Suggested chose a plain white tortilla instead of bread wheat. Adding a little butter and banana can also be done to give extra energy.

5. The food is spicy 

Spicy foods that contain lots of spices should not be consumed before exercise. Therefore, foods that contain a lot of seasoning would be difficult to be digested by the digestion.
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