One of the food intake in everyday life apparently a negative impact on a number of vital organs of your body. Such as type of food and alcoholic beverages are high frequency of consumption quite often make the heart or the liver becomes impaired.

Liver or liver is one of the "machine" is important for humans, this breathtaking performance needs to be maintained, including by eating healthy foods such as the following:


Avocado need to occasionally add in your healthy menu. Avocado helps improve the performance of the heart. Avocado function also stimulates the production of glutathione, which is an antioxidant that is needed to counteract the liver of harmful substances and poison from the food and beverages you consume.


Famous apple fruit contains vitamin C and D-glucaric. Eating apples is very good for the heart, like a scrape fat in the liver and also cleanse your liver organ so that the performance is better.


Turmeric, since ancient times believed as a medicinal plant. The liver can be protected by consuming the liver to function as free-radical scavengers. Turmeric also helps accelerate fat metabolism, reduce fat in the liver.


Red wine contains antioxidants and vitamin C which can improve the performance of your liver. Consuming wine in the form of fruit or juice to help maintain the health of your liver every day.

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