Weight or body mass a person affected by two main factors are derived from internal or external. Both of these factors that determine a person's ideal body weight, once a person needs to live a healthy diet. Let us consider together, how the influence of these two factors determinants below ideal body weight!

Internal factors Determinants Ideal Weight

These factors include inherited or descendants known in medical terms as heredity. These factors include the genetic code, the system heat setting (thermal regulation), and the system of formation or decomposition of certain substances in the body (metabolism) of a person. Internal factors actually can not be consciously controlled by people who make a healthy diet, or anyone else, considering it already exists or inherited since you were born.

A study conducted by the Medical School of Boston University showed the presence of the gene fusion INSIG2 which can inhibit the chemical reaction between fatty acid and cholesterol. Approximately 10% of people have a gene INSIG2 so they tend to experience a buildup of fat in their bodies in greater numbers. INSIG2 which stands for insulin-induced gene 2, still a part of the protein and is similar to INSIG1.

There is also the FTO gene is located on chromosome 16 and play a role in determining the ideal weight. People who have the FTO gene tend obese 1½ times greater than the ordinary people, this gene allows one to weigh more than 3 kg, when compared with ordinary people without this gene.

What about the heat regulation system known as thermal regulation? This may be somewhat difficult to understand. Basically, humans are warm-blooded creatures need energy to maintain their body temperature remains in the normal state (37 ° C). Energy is not only needed to maintain body temperature, even to run the entire organ function. That condition does not include activities that would need more energy. Human need for energy before performing the activity called Basal Metabolic rate.

Other internal factors that determine the ideal weight and healthy diet your metabolism is. It is a process of degradation or processing of substances the body needs to be able to do its job. This is what determines a person's healthy diet. For example, if someone wants to increase the burning of fat in the body, then he must increase muscle mass is done by doing physical activity or exercise.

External Factors Determinants Ideal Weight

When someone performs a physical activity or sport, it automatically Basal Metabolic rate and caloric needs will increase. Then, the metabolism of food is increasing - in other words, the ideal weight is obtained with active every day. Living habits and diet is the key person in a healthy diet. You do not need to take special medication that helps shed fat, your body can actually carry out the process. You only need to train, slowly your body will adjust to the conditions in the face. Remember the nutritional needs also need to be considered, but realized it under control!
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