Beauty and cleanliness face a major concern of every woman, even now people here also did not want to miss the advance care issues.

During this time many of us heard the myths about how to care for the face to clean, pretty and fresh. It helps us know in advance whether or not the myths, before believing it.

1. Wash your face will cure acne
Washing your face many times in a day will take essential oils and make your skin is very dry and prone to acne. Limit washing your face only two or three times a day.

2. Often scrub (scrubbing) will reduce excess oil on the face
Scrubbing too often on your face is likely to irritate the skin and cause acne or blemishes.

3. Acne is reduced with age
Not all people have fewer pimples with age. However acne will be reduced if you change your way of living and eating foods that can detox your body from the inside.

4. No need to use sunscreen on a cloudy day
Even on a cloudy day, UV rays from the sun remains undiminished strength and if you go out without sunblock, your skin will remain darker.

5. People who have dry skin should drink more water
Drinking more water will help cleanse your system of toxins, make your face brighter and less susceptible to skin problems, but it does not make your skin more moist.

6. Product expensive are better
Expensive products do work similar to cheaper products. Lifestyle choices and the food you consume is actually more has an effect on your body's systems.

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