Licorice is a plant that has a sweet taste, but with a different sugar. Because it feels like it, licorice is often used as flavoring agents in food and drinks, and even cigarettes. Not only that, it turns out the content at the root of this plant is also used to treat various disease conditions. Wanna improve your body, visit this Health Blog And Reviews article

The content of the plants that are often called sweet root has long been used as an herbal remedy. Even so, the truth about the efficacy has not been proven completely in the medical sphere.

Like what are the facts? Here's the explanation:

Additional on skin care products. There are some cosmetic manufacturers add licorice extracts in its products. They claim this extract can whiten skin and prevent inflammation. The medical facts are already found some evidence to suggest that licorice can overcome itchy and inflamed skin in eczema sufferers. However, keefektivitasannya status still may be effective.

In early studies, the use of creams containing licorice combined with other substances, has proven effective in skin lightening among those who have the condition melasma (skin discoloration). Even so, this is still early research, so that the necessary evidence from the medical sphere more said the same thing.

Coping with heartburn. Like feeling sore in the gut? You can try to solve it by eating products containing licorice. According to the research, the content of licorice which coupled with other substances may improve the symptoms of pain in the gut. This occurs because licorice has glycyrrhizic acid, acidic compounds that are anti-inflammatory and immune triggers. These compounds can depress employment and deployment of H.pylori bacteria in the stomach and intestines that cause symptoms of heartburn. Licorice extract can also accelerate the improvement in the walls of the gastrointestinal tract and to restore the acid-alkaline balance of the digestive tract.

Reduce dental problems. If you hear the claim that toothpaste with licorice extract can overcome dental problems, you should think twice before buying it. Because according to a preliminary study, using toothpaste containing licorice extract does not make dental plaque is reduced more than other toothpastes. Similarly with other dental problems like gingivitis, or bleeding gums.