The Division offers one of the world's best open-world we have ever tasted, no doubt to it. Play a little game sessions in Brooklyn, followed transfer to New York, it represents a post-apocalyptic world that is gripping and extraordinary at the same time. You can see the corners of the city of New York is filled with garbage, the smashed car, to a variety here and there. Representing a world that was inhabited by humans and then deserted crowded in a short time, Ubisoft managed to execute outstanding. But not only that its main attraction.

Is the fact that his world feels like a massive giant city with architecture should be. Above ground level, in the range of a street corner, you are dealing with what we have mentioned above. But New York, of course, not only the load alone. There is so much space that allows you to enter the underground lines and entered the high-rise building to fight over it. When underground, train platform to the headquarters of the Cleaners were burned so human bodies can easily be found. While in high rise buildings you can enter, fighting in a variety of floor and eventually ended up on the rooftop produces the sensation of its own exciting games. Design a world of open-world urban themed fantastic and deserve thumbs up.

Although still be recognized, the city does not feel too dynamic. You will meet with a variety of NPC were just roaming around aimlessly and without a chance to interact, but New York in the Division does not offer many surprises. A problem where you have to run away just to reach a destination point without finding any interesting things along the way is something that often happens. Static city is also increasingly apparent as soon as you get into the area so the main attraction - Dark Zone. As a dangerous area which is in the story is described as an area that is no longer controlled, Dark Zone even make this issue more visible. All enemies standing in an area that has been predicted earlier, without the random events that make your trip a unique and interesting. The only interaction that you may see throughout the game may just appear from between the factions that sometimes meet in the middle of the road and decided to kill each other. Apart from the design dazzling, New York in the Division did seem quite bland in line with the length of your game that taste.

Not just the design, the weather also plays an important role in the Division. Taking the theme of winter, of day and night as well as a wide variation of weather you face make your adventures in the city of New York is increasingly dramatic. Seeing the soft light trying to get out of a crack house in the distance, or sometimes, trying to fight in the middle of a snowstorm that made visibility so limited, all enrich the world of The Division itself. Cool, you also can not predict when these things will come. Quite often, when in a precarious situation that could have been solved easily, you just have to fight in the middle of a snowstorm that increasingly confuse everything.

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