Lifting weights for this is believed to be an effective way to increase muscle strength. Apparently, the fact is not the case.

The link between weight training and bones strong likelihood originated from the fact that people are too lazy to move will lose muscle mass. Likewise, the astronauts who spent most of his time without lifting the body.

The pressure of gravity seems necessary to increase bone strength. But how much gravity is needed?

In a recent national study, exercise load only increases bone strength around one percent or too small effect.

Indeed, if we are lazy to do physical activity bones become brittle faster, but there is no scientific evidence showing stronger bones and preventing osteoporosis if we practice load.

However, that does not mean weight training is not important. Elderly people who do weight training have a lower risk of experiencing bone fractures than those who did not practice load.

Sport burden also helps improve sleep quality, reduce pain, and improve the balance of the body.

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