Did you know that 70 percent of health depends on your diet? That's why the food consumed should be healthy and well balanced.

Related to healthy foods, there are still many Indonesian people are misinterpreting healthy food. According to health experts dr. Shot Tan Yen, today people tend to follow the trends in social media that it considered unreasonable.

"For example, using a super food, there is now another season of chia seed, drinking smoothies, baseball morning breakfast just drink juice, water everywhere lemon whereas baseball is growing in here. Then start looking for foods energy bars that finally tips of the sugar content wheat edges so sweet, "he said in the show on  TV.

For practitioners of the healing energy, a healthy diet in the true sense is what is eaten is similar to growing and roads. For example, vegetables are still visible original or chicken stock made from chicken bones instead of broth packaging.

"The vegetables are cooked can be said to be healthy. But when it comes as a tablet, then obviously the definition of diminished health of all," he explained.

Meanwhile, dr. Tan added that a good diet actually is by returning to the Indonesian diet. The diversity of regional foods should be increased at this time because the nutrients owned regional food is very good for the body.

"Why is it now in the mall baseball is threatened? People now feel healthy if we eat salad style Caucasians, whereas we are karedok, threatened, lettuce fields," he said.

In addition to eating healthy, balanced diet is also necessary to maintain a healthy body. Dr. Tan said that a balanced diet must be related to carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Choosing foods that contain more protein than carbohydrates can actually damage the kidneys.

Dr. Tan stressed that carbohydrates are not only derived from rice, but can be found in fruits and vegetables. However, for children who are experiencing a period of growth or those who need a starchy food should tuck starchy carbohydrates such as rice, yams, cassava, taro, and potatoes.

"But we must be careful with potatoes as a high glycemic index can be a cause of diabetes, especially if it is cooked like steamed or fried. You can replace the potato with yam," he explained.

Then, to get a good protein content can be found in fish, eggs, and chicken. For fat, you can get in the pecans and avocado. Fat according to dr. Tan should not be avoided because it is too low in fat can actually make fast stomach hungry

"Fats that cause satiety comfortable. If less fat, people going to carbohydrate cravings and the flight," he explained.

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