Eating sweet foods it can not be underestimated. These bad habits turned out to be detrimental to their health. Not only dangerous because the body can develop diabetes, but eating excessive sugar can also increase the levels of sugar in the blood. The result is acne can appear anywhere. Not just limited to the face, back, but also on the scalp. Do not want it through this? So keep your eating patterns right now.

Many people have a habit to wash your hair after a limp or issue a savory aroma that is not first. Ideally, hair washing can be done 2 days or every day if the activities are many. Solid activity especially in the outdoors will trigger the oil glands to work extra that will produce oil and sweat. If left unchecked, then the oil can clog the pores in the scalp.

Should make it a habit to always wash your hair regularly yes. Also use shampoo too friendly with the condition of the hair and scalp. Stop use dandruff shampoo that caused by the accumulated dead skin cells in the area of ​​the head can also cause acne.

Shampoo and conditioner are necessary to maintain the beauty of hair and head skin hygiene. However, their use also could backfire in itself. Because less than clean in the rinse shampoo or conditioner will cause dirt and chemical substances trapped in the pores of the scalp. Predictably acne can certainly appear on the skin surface.

In addition, the conditioner also has a silicone substance that can be dangerous if exposed scalp. Then make sure you put it on the hair shaft only. Then rinse thoroughly clean and do not let anyone left.

The habit of sleeping late and not getting enough sleep can unconsciously cause acne. Yes, conditions that do not fit the body and cause the skin to not be able to regenerate perfectly. As a result, acne can appear and disappear not go well. If you do not want to experience acne on the scalp you can improve the quality of your sleep from now, yes.

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