strength training is needed to build and keep your body strength to a certain level. One way that can increase your muscle strength is through weight training. But, not infrequently your strength does not progress to the next level. This could be because the load you are raising now has not been added for a long time.

Well, so you understand when it's time to increase weight training, consider the following signs.
1. The burden you are using today is no longer a significant challenge

Strength training should make you challenged. Therefore, the essence of strength training is to challenge your muscles trying to limit its ability. That way, your muscles will also adapt to become stronger. But, if the load you are using now no longer challenges your muscles as before, then it is time to increase the burden of your generation.
2. You can lift loads with countless reps

Each strength training exercise should make your muscles feel "hot" in 15 reps or less. When the muscle has reached its limit, you can no longer repeat with perfect movement.

Well, if you can lift the load with the perfect movement of more than 15 reps, or maybe even to lose your count, this means your force load is too easy. It's time to increase the load you use.
3. You never increase the burden of your generation

There are instances where someone who does strength training never raises the burden of his generation. It uses the same load as the beginning of the exercise. If this happens, you need to evaluate your practice. Increasing the burden of training in strength training is very important to make a useful exercise, which makes you stronger over time.
4. Your muscle ability is not progressing

Without making your muscles work harder than usual, the muscles will not be tougher. When doing the exercises, the muscles will be stronger to meet the demands you give them. So, if you continue to provide a portion of that same exercise, your muscles will continue to work at the same intensity, causing your muscles to stop progressing.

If you experience any of the four signs above, it is time to evaluate the exercise and try to tread to the next difficulty level. Take advantage of the following three steps to improve your difficulty level safely and effectively.

Step 1: Increase the weight of no more than 10 percent

For example, if your force load is 30kg, you can add 3kg again. Ten percent additional load will be enough to challenge you safely. Adding a load of more than 10% at once can cause injury. So, develop slowly.

Tips: In the gym, raising the burden with exactly 10% is not always possible. If so, take advantage of the available load with rounding down, not rounding up. For example, you want to add a load of 3 Kg, while the available is 2 Kg and 4 Kg, so choose the 2 Kg.

Step 2: With the new load, stray to do 1-3 sets with 8-15 reps.

Step 3: After you successfully complete 2-3 sets of 15 reps with perfect movement, it's time to move again to the first step and add your load 10 percent again.
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