Passing one night without being able to close your eyes with a sound must have experienced by most people. As a result, the sleep time of night is reduced and the next morning when waking up the body feels not energized.

The good news is expressed Joyce Walsleben, PhD, "Bad sleep in one night can make you less bernergi the next day, but it will not hurt you in the long term," said Joyce who also became one of the writers of A Woman's Guide to Sleep.

But do not worry, there is a trick to keep feeling normal and energetic even though the night you do not get enough sleep, as quoted from Health Magazine, Friday (26/7/2013) the following:

1. Open the curtain in the morning

"The natural light from the sun will reset your body's rest hours and help you run the day even better, even low light intensity in cloudy or rainy weather will make you feel better than indoor bulbs," says Joyce.

The morning sunshine is the best intake to rejuvenate your feelings. As soon as you open the curtains and get the sun, then you can feel happier.

2. Choose the right breakfast

"When we get tired, our instinct tells us to choose sweet food, but it causes a blood sugar spike and does not stabilize the energy in the body," says Samantha Heller, RD, clinical nutrition coordinator at the Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital, Derby, Connecticut.

For better energy, start your day with healthy proteins and carbohydrate-rich wheat. "Trying a muffin or whole wheat bread with peanut butter and sliced ​​bananas is not a bad idea," Samantha said.

3. Paradox relaxation

According to Matthew Edlund, MD, author of The Power of Rest, the ideal remedy for sleep deprivation at night is by taking a nap. But that does not seem to be possible for most workers. The best thing you can do is an active rest form called paradox relaxation.

"Focus on one muscle group in your body for at least 15 seconds, concentrate on what it feels like, repeat on upper and lower body parts, then surprisingly you will feel like getting a rechargeable energy," explains Dr. Edlund.

4. Drink coffee slowly

No need to drink coffee in the morning. Simply pour in a thermos and estimate the amount is enough until the time you get home from work. According to a study in the Sleep Journal, people who consume caffeine equivalent of two ounces of coffee per hour can still get the effect of not sleepy. But, limit the coffee only until three o'clock in the afternoon or you will have trouble sleeping at night.

5. Take a walk

According to Michael Breus, PhD, author of The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan, the reduced sleep time during the night usually occurs at 1:00 to 3:00. If you feel a lot of yawn in the afternoon, try stepping out for a 10-minute walk.

"It can raise your body temperature and stimulate your heart, brain, muscles, and prevent your energy from falling in. Even pacing around the office can help your body be more ceramic," Breus said.

6. Sleep on time

"Our bodies have a natural sleep and wake rhythm and you'll get the most restorative sleep patterns if you stick with that pattern," says Janet Kennedy, PhD, a clinical psychologist in New City who specializes in sleep disorders.

According to Janet, changing the sleep schedule to make up for lost sleep time is actually causing other problems. Going to bed an hour earlier than normal bedtime, can make you wake up an hour late from normal waking time.

7. Drink enough water

Lack of sleep can cause dehydration and dehydration is a tired body factor. Therefore Breus said drinking enough water can reduce sleepiness. Another trick that can be tried is to mix a little ice cubes in your drinking water.

"Unlike warm drinks that tend to relax you, cold drinks can increase alertness because it is more refreshing," Kennedy said.

8. Brush the skin

There are three simple skin care routine steps that can help you look more refreshed. First, use a soft face cleanser. According to a dermatologist in Boston, Ranella Hirsch, MD, gently rubbing the skin can encourage cell turnover and smooth the skin so you look fresher.

Second, wake your eyes. Way, splash a little cold water and use eye cream that contains caffeine. "To further constrict blood vessels and reduce the appearance of swelling," says Dr. Hirsch.

Third, when using make-up apply some colors because the touch of color will make the face more luminous.

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