Busyness often makes us less attention by eating food properly. In fact, the health of the body will be much better by simply changing a few habits food. Here are seven habits of foods that can make you much healthier in a few weeks.

Using natural sugar rather than artificial
Instead of using sugar with empty calories with zero nutritional value, honey is scientifically proven to have health benefits. For example, the honey consumed with warm water can help you energize when diet and make the mind more alert.

Benefits stop eating before satiety
Research has shown that the human brain to work at optimum levels on an empty stomach. When your stomach is empty, it releases an enzyme called ghrelin that stimulates the hippocampus in the brain, which is responsible for learning and memory. Thus, a heavy meal can make the brain "blunt" in a while.

Eat according to season
Your body needs different foods for different climates. The summer should be accompanied with a selection of food "cold" like cucumber, beet, pumpkin. While the winter, preferably accompanied by heating foods such as sesame seeds or wheat.

Keeping this balance in the diet will make the body more easily adapt to the climatic conditions that are not easily hurt.

Reduce coffee habits and tea
Coffee and tea can indeed give the effect of instant energy for the body, but after making the body vulnerable to fatigue. Therefore, you should avoid the consumption of coffee and tea constantly, because stamina is bad for you in the future.

Avoid sleep immediately after eating
After the meal, you should wait at least two hours before going to bed. The food was not digested can press organs, disrupt the digestive system, so it makes much of a deep sleep.

Eating meat is not routine
Some research says, when animals are slaughtered and they are conscious that they will die, the animal will release certain chemicals in the body that could be bad for the human body.

In addition, because the meat also takes longer to digest and often rot in your digestive system before being fully digested, it is better not to make eating meat as a daily routine. Or combine the meat with lots of vegetables for easy digestion.

Fresh vegetables into the daily menu
Many nutrients are lost when food is cooked. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can provide nutrients which has not get from food being cooked.

Research shows that people who frequently eat fresh fruits and vegetables live longer.

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