A slight weight loss can have a positive effect on a person's commitment to a diet program. So what might be the cause of weight did not go down despite trying to diet? get faster way to fat loss

Reported by the Times of India, Tuesday  , the following things most often cause your diet never fruition:

Too much healthy eating

Although nuts, avocados, whole grain breads and olive oil belong to healthy foods, they still contain calories. Consuming it will provide healthy benefits, but remember that you still need to limit consumption.

Skip the breakfast

Skipping breakfast will make your body 'survive' on fat. People who regularly eat breakfast have more potential to lose weight. So make sure you take the time to have breakfast every morning to boost your metabolism.

It does not control the portion

Portion control is one of the important keys to getting a balanced diet. That's why it's important to get used to counting calories and limiting yourself if indeed the food you eat is enough. Do not force yourself to eat even if you already feel full enough.

Eat while standing

Eating while standing is one way of eating that is not healthy. Try to provide a special time to eat and do while sitting until the food runs out.

Not enough sleep

If you are in a weight loss effort, then getting enough sleep at least seven hours every night is absolute. Rest and sleep will help restore energy in the body, so skipping it will affect your body's ability to control your appetite.