Today I will be discussing the biggest dietary problems that people who are just starting a healthy lifestyle usually face, and are wondering about the difficulty in the night. Why the night? Because based on research alone, "the cravings to eat sweet, salty or high-carbohydrate foods appear at night" -the new Obesity Journal series.

It does not matter if you eat at 5 pm or 7 pm. Around 8-9 pm, you will feel hungry, and this is normal because based on the researcher's hypothesis, humans who have more fat reserves will live (with survival context) longer than those who have Low fat content.

But, this is not antiquity yes anyway? If today's supper dinner with high calorie level, chances are you will only diabetes and heart disease. We do not hunt for food by climbing trees and shooting arrows again.

Well, there are several ways to deal with overeating hunger at night:

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A. Eat something healthy

Assuming you will sleep about 1-2 hours from eating at night, eat something that has nutritional value, like apples, bananas, oranges or vegetable salad. But if the hunger is really not hold, eat 1 or 2 pieces of wheat cracker. And eat fruit afterwards.

Some healthy snack ideas: beans, jelly, jelly, nori (seaweed / seaweed), amino bar, popcorn and tortillas.

B. Sleep early

If you sleep at 1 what at 2 o'clock night, yes obviously you are hungry, the human body digests food within 2-3 hours, and when you sleep too late, of course you will be hungry.

C. Chewed mint candy

My favorite is not chewed, but Fisherman's Friend. Mint it is really strong so want to eat anything after that so ga want to.

D. DO NOT eat in front of TV or Youtube

You will regret later. Pour your food so you do not overeat.

E. Fill your refrigerator with something good

Yogurt or fruits for example, you will not eat pringles if there is no pringles right?

So, essentially you can eat, but not something that is not healthy. If you're afraid to be fat, in front of the refrigerator door, put a picture of someone who is super fat and super ugly, you will think twice before eating a strange weird. Yes, right?