Many people think that exercise makes the body tired. Yet according to the study, regular exercise would be a natural way to boost energy and keep you awake all day. Here is a suggestion that can be followed.

Change the way your way to work and coming home

Use public transportation when traveling obviously be more demanding us to walk compared to using private vehicles. Try to use public transport facilities in everyday travel difficult, especially if you take the time to exercise to the gym. If you are driving a motor vehicle or a car, park the vehicle at a little distance away so you can walk to the office location. Similarly, if you are traveling by public transport, come down a few away from your office. Once arrived at the office, rather than ride the elevator, try using a ladder to reach the top floor.

Join in the fitness center

Bring your friends to join office in the gym in order to workout together. Besides fun, this condition will make you and your colleagues are able to remind themselves to regular exercise and could ultimately prevent drowsiness in the office.

Eating a healthy snack

Low blood sugar can cause the body feels weak. In this condition, snacks can be helpful boost energy. You can eat a healthy snack choices, such as:

    Cut fruit, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges.
    Biscuits with whole grains.

Consuming coffee or caffeinated beverages can also make you excited and kept awake until noon. The key is do not overdo it and avoid its consumption in the evening so that you do not have trouble sleeping at night.

However, you should avoid some types of certain foods and beverages because it can increasingly bring drowsiness, namely:

    Food and soft drinks with high sugar content. Sugar can indeed create sleepiness instantly disappeared, but the effect is only felt briefly for some time then you actually will feel more sleepy.
    High fat foods.

Make sure you consume enough water or food containing high fluid levels. Dehydration can lead to the emergence of drowsiness and fatigue.


If sleepiness is already unbearable, take 10-20 minutes of break time to nap. If you can not sleep, closed his eyes and face down on the desk for 10 minutes can refresh the brain.

Pause for the eyes

Eyes and tired minds can be caused by the same activities are carried out without any variation, such as constantly staring at the computer screen. Divert your attention to the eyes and occasionally to other things like talking to colleagues or reading the newspaper while.

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