Celebrating the 20th anniversary, Ubisoft has finally released the original Rayman game Classic previously released since 1995 for the Atari Jaguar, PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Rayman Classic tells the epic adventures of Rayman's hands to save his world from a villain named Mr. Dark who managed to steal the ball of energy that maintain the balance of the world, Great Protoon. In addition to stealing the mystical energy sphere, Mr. Dark also confine the Electoons, the world's inhabitants Rayman shaped like a small ball blond, they were confined in prison disebuah iron can Rayman destroyed during the adventure progresses. In Rayman Classic is entirely a game of adventure, in contrast to other games Mobile Rayman its genre more towards running. Many places to be explored Rayman fantasy in this game, like the Dream Forest, Bad Land, Blue Mountain, and also Candy Castle. Of course during the journey, Rayman will meet a lot of bosses that you must defeat.

As in the previous version, Rayman Classic still has a stage and the same game. Initially Rayman can only climb the twigs of trees, jumping, downhill, and looked down. But during the trip there will be a fairy who helps improve the ability Rayman, such as giving him the ability to do punch. The longer you hold the blow, it will be the further blow produced by Rayman. Rayman will eventually Many familiar enemies that you can find in this game such as: Livingstone tall and short, hunter, anti-toons, and so forth. You can beat them by punching them. Besides the usual enemies, eventually there is a stage where you must fight the boss, some boss who will be the opponent Rayman, among others: Moskito, Mr.Stone, Space Mama, Mr. Sax, Mr. Spade, Dark Rayman, until Mr. Dark itself.

Rayman Classic is a sidescrolling first Rayman game instantly became a successful Ubisoft games. Released in 1995, became an instant Rayman franchise is quite popular to this day has been a lot of sequels and reboots are performed. Rayman was also extended to Android and iOS with their three featured games: Rayman Jungle Run, Rayman Fiesta Run, and Rayman Adventures. If you're a fan of Rayman series, then Rayman Classic was fit to be a new mobile game that you can play.

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