to look perfect on the wedding day, most women opted for a strict diet that she had lost weight. Unfortunately, excessive dieting can actually be dangerous and ultimately make wedding plans fall apart.

Rather than doing an extreme diet, better diet and multiply physical activity that you like. As quoted from The Knot, the following five ways to lose weight before the wedding.

1. Drinking Water
Change your diet soda with mineral water. In addition to healthy, water helps the body get rid of toxins and constantly keep you from 'temptation' for snacking. Health experts advise to drink eight glasses of water per day.

2. Reduce Portion Spot
Eating food with large portions is one of the causes of increased calories and weight. Thus, reduce portion sizes and added if you still feel hungry. Experts say that a better diet eat four to five small meals rather than two to three servings of great food.

3. Expand Vegetables and Fruits
With frequent consumption of fruit, the possibility of weight gain will be smaller. Choose vegetables that are your favorites for a snack in the afternoon or evening. Do not forget to put the fruit in the bag, if you still feel hungry.

4. Reduce Energising & Beverage Alcohol
One bottle of energy drinks produce 150 calories or more. Reduce your intake of energy drinks and alcohol a week can cut hundreds of calories. Change cocktail and wine for special occasions, the remaining dressing with mineral water.

5. Sports
Maybe it sounds cliché, but do physical activities to help you get the beautiful body as desired. Find a sport that you like, for example, riding a bike, swimming, jogging in the park, or just cleaning the house. Sports in twenty minutes a day can increase your energy and burning calories. You can get results within six months, on the condition that regular exercise!

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