Chest muscle is the most favorite muscle trained, every to the gym you must see people practicing bench press. And indeed for a man although other muscles are less prominent, if the muscles of his chest thick and shaped, surely his body is more sexy and pleasing to see.

Chest muscles consist of two parts: Pectoralis Major and Minor, to effectively relate both of them to a combination of PRESS and FLYES movements. Now let's practice properly, remember, focus on proper execution and perfect posture with as much weight as possible to increase muscle mass. Do not turn upside down! You aim to build the body instead of lifting the burden as much as possible.

Stretching upper body parts

Heating with Bench Press 20 Reps.
1. Flat Bench Press
(3 sets of each 4-6 reps)
2. Incline Barbell Press
(3 sets of each 4-6 reps)
3. Chest Dips
(3 sets of each 4-6 reps)

(Note for the chest dips, your chest position should be ahead of your hands, if the chest position is more backwards from both hands then it tends to concern the triceps)
Flat Dumbbell Press
Week Two, (3 sets of each 4-6 reps)
5. Incline Dumbbell Press
Week Two, (3 sets of each 4-6 reps)

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After the second week the fox repetition range becomes 8-12 for the next 2 weeks then back again to 4-6 - and so on.

Again the 4-6 reps means that you reach a failure in that range, if more means added load, if less then reduce the burden and REMEMBER THE PERFECT ATTITUDE