It's no secret if eating irregularly will slow the metabolism in the body. Research also shows a few hours before you sleep you should not eat anything.

Therefore, the body should be free food for 12 hours a day. Metabolism will be chaotic when frequent snacking at night.

Stopping caffeine intake

Caffeine is bad for health if consumed in excess amount. But actually caffeine helps the body more easily to burn calories.

Not recommended to start diligently consume caffeine, but if you are used to drinking green tea or coffee every day, you should not be stopped. Drink it actually helps increase the body's metabolism.

Lack of sleep

People who have trouble sleeping more easily become fat than those who can sleep soundly at night. Research shows your appetite hormone increases when you are sleep deprived or staying up late.

The condition of not sleeping or staying up will automatically make you eat more. Therefore, you should sleep at least 7 hours a day.

Too much consumption of packaged food, instead, make your own food at home with anabolic cooking cookbook

"When you feel you've eaten properly, try looking back at what you've eaten, see where the food comes from and how it wraps," Slayton says.

Some chemicals in plastics and pesticides can form endocrine compounds called obesogen. These compounds can make it easier for you to gain weight.