The body will absorb the water-soluble vitamins as needed, and then will issue a vitamin excessive urination. But a study shows decline in the number of certain vitamins and nutrients in urine when fasting. This means that not all vitamin excess out through urine.

Nevertheless, it is important to estimate how much intake of water-soluble vitamins every day. Experts now consider a water-soluble vitamin in excess can be harmful to the body. Some types of water-soluble vitamins can increase the risk of certain diseases.

For example, excess vitamin B6 risk of causing neurological disorders. Meanwhile, too much vitamin C can increase the likelihood of kidney stone formation.

Then, excess vitamin B3 or niacin can trigger a burning sensation (sore) on the skin and surrounding areas. In fact, folic acid is known to many benefits for the body can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency, especially at the age of 50 years.

Prioritizing obtain a water-soluble vitamin from food naturally. Vitamin supplements and doses are recommended to be done in consultation with a doctor or nutritionist.

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