Not a few people eating food while doing other activities, such as meetings. This is often done as a distraction 'entertainment'. So, whether this is good for the body?

"Actually, it's what's eating? Eat it right as a way to survive, but now instead be used as a 'recreation'," said Dr. Dr. Tan Shot Yen, M.Hum after the ceremony party Children in Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Jalan Palmerah West  , recently.

"Yes, if the meeting, so the meeting. If you eat, so eat right there hours to feed themselves," added the doctor and author of the book 'Healthy Indonesia Children''s.

Dr Tan said that the body can become ill when mealtime amended, including when combined with an hour lunch hour meeting. According to Dr. Tan, it is quite possible when people often change the meaning of eating as 'entertainment', in fact it takes a real recreation.

When a person is accustomed to change the meaning of eating as a recreational activity, it is quite possible someone actually overweight. Therefore, the body no longer accustomed to experiencing the mark when he was really hungry and need the intake.

Well, when body fat, many people want her skinny. Diet was performed. However, when the diet is done carelessly, it is quite possible risk someone will actually eat more and experience the yo-yo dieting.

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