These games allow you to be able to hunt the legendary monster hunter with the other, cooperative up to four players at once in real-time! Hunter Gear also take crafting feature in Monster Hunter. Every enemy you defeat, you can use their skin as new equipment. But for his own game, Monster Gear is much simpler compared to Monster Hunter. You do not need to navigate your character, you simply press a button to perform a command on the character. There will be three buttons that you can choose: Defend (blue color key) is used to fend off enemy attacks, this button can be hold. Attack (red button) is used to attack the enemy, as soon as possible you can press this button to perform combo attacks. Special Attack (green color key) allows your character perform special attacks which resulted in the damage, this button can be hold to charge power.

In the game Monster Gear, featuring a selection of weapons you can use to fight. Such as knives, swords, spears, a giant hammer, and also bow. In addition, the players will have an "inner monster" in your equipment (called Monster Gear), if they are ready to perform more powerful attacks, called Gear Burst! As for the monsters of his were divided into five classes: Insectia, Beastia, Aquatia, Divinia, and Dragonia.

Monster Gear also features intense character customization. You can get equipment from the monsters you defeated. Not only that, you get the equipment that you can upgrade or you give Monster's Soul of the monsters you defeated. In addition you can match a variety of equipment to make it more powerful, including the type of weapons, the elements, and also the weakness of certain monster class. There is also equipment set called Monster Gear Armor Set where if you wear it in full would give bonus buff and exclusive skill.

In hunting, you'll form a squad containing four players. Relax, you only need to focus on character alone. However, cooperation and setting the strategy in the hunt also noteworthy for hunting legendary monsters. The combination of squad weapons use will also affect the victory. Its multiplayer system itself is divided into other characters in real-time but also there are characters NPC. Until now, Monster Gear was released in certain countries such as New Zealand.

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