Picture yourself not only what you eat, but also where you eat. Researchers from Cornell University Food and Brand Lab found that the study participants consuming snack with double the amount of calories they should, while in the kitchen is a mess than when they order one type of food at the table.

The researchers watched 98 women who spent 10 minutes in the kitchen, with the excuse of waiting for someone.

Half of the participants to stand in the middle of the cycle messy, scattered with piles of newspapers and dirty dishes, as well as phone ringing. Meanwhile, on the other hand, half of the other participants waiting in the kitchen neat and organized.

In both the kitchen there is a bowl of biscuits, cake, and carrot, laid out to be eaten by the participants. Any woman who is in messy kitchen, seen eating twice as much cake, with a total of 53 calories, compared to those who are in the kitchen clean.

How could this happen?

"Being in the middle of the chaotic environment and feeling out of control is a bad thing for the diet," says Lenny Vartanian, a professor of psychology and author of the study.

"It seems to make people think," All look out of control, then why I am also not so? ' "He continued.

Vartanian said he expected the same behavior will apply to men, but first he must confirm by doing more research.

Although the sample size is small, the findings emphasize: Stress is bad for your diet.

Stress causes people to overeat. Because cortisol, a stress hormone that appears to trigger an increase in appetite.

Outside the weight, too much stress can also increase a person's heart rate, lower the drive and cause a painful condition like ekpala pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and even ulcers.

There are many ways to manage stress, including meditation, exercise and therapy, case studies underscore the fact that, there are things that are easy and quick to do to find peace. So, next time, when you are lazy to tidy up the kitchen, remember that exercise benefit you in many ways.

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