Ever heard of Mediterranean diet? A diet that is identical to the consumption of vegetables and olive oil has long been recognized to help someone to lose weight. What's so great about this diet?

Mediterranean diet itself is no doubt the benefits for health because each component is healthy. Among other vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grain cereals, olive oil, nuts, poultry and fish.

But it turns out some researchers are still wondering what the heck that makes this diet so healthy. From there a joint team of researchers from King's College London and University of California conducted research and found, the answer lies in the content of two main ingredients, namely green vegetables and olive oil.

When both are consumed simultaneously, then while in the body they will form nitro fatty acid that can lower blood pressure.

Especially after being tested on mice that have been modified genetic conditions, nitro fatty acid was successfully lowered blood pressure of the rat. Way, that is by inhibiting the performance of an enzyme called hydrolase epoxide in the body.

That's why Professor Philip Eaton of King's College London says the Mediterranean diet is healthy, although it actually contains fat.

"But when taken together with nitrates or nitrites, there will be a chemical reaction that eventually forms nitrous fatty acids, and this is a natural body-protection mechanism," he said.

Even if researchers can explore these findings, it is not unlikely that someday they will find new drugs to cope with high blood pressure, including preventing heart disease.

Although experiments in new humans are in the planning stage, researchers believe humans are also greatly benefited when adapting this diet. "Humans have the same enzyme so we think the same thing will also apply to humans," he added as quoted by the BBC.

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