Many natural materials around us that are beneficial to the body, one of which is coconut oil. Easy to obtain raw materials to make how to make coconut oil is not as difficult as imagined.

Coconut oil is composed of materials that allegedly can provide many health benefits. Ingredients constituent of coconut oil include lauric acid as much as 44 percent and as much as 16.8 percent of myristic acid.

So Many Benefits of Coconut Oil
With the above composition, coconut oil is considered to have many health benefits. Here are some of the conditions that may be helped thanks to the use of coconut oil.


Coconut oil may have improved glucose tolerance and diabetes to improve insulin resistance. The use of coconut oil is also thought to reduce fat deposits.

    High cholesterol

Some studies suggest coconut oil can raise the levels of good cholesterol in the body. However, the levels of bad cholesterol in the body unchanged. Other studies have pointed out that consumption of coconut oil does not increase the risk of heart attack. Unfortunately, research on the effects of coconut oil on cholesterol and heart disease is still not much.

    Lose weight

Because the calorie content is lower than other types of oil, the use of coconut oil may be good for the obese. The fat content that is in the chain of coconut oil are likely to lose weight.


Applying coconut oil to the hair may be effective to keep children out of ticks. Coconut oil is predicted to act as a natural insect killers so make the heads of the children free of ticks.

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A number of ongoing research shows that the use of coconut oil twice a day in people with dry skin will help moisturize the skin.
While all of the above benefits still require further research to prove its effectiveness, coconut oil is considered as a better choice than vegetable oil that we use.